is an ADV  professional studio headed by Guido Antonelli.

The studio is sited in Trezzano s/N (a few minutes far from center of Milan).


– 150 open space, ground floor,
–  ceiling: 5.50 mt,
–  Max electric power:10kW
–  conditioned
–  possibility of loading/unloading
–  huge industrial entry door (3.5mt x3.5mt)
– 1 private car place and free street parking
– super matte, UV resistant, white, resin,  cyclorama/infinity wall ( x 4mt high).
– make up station
– free wifi
– relax area: 50 furnished with huge  industrial table, chairs, big sofa, fridge  and coffee
– possibility of blacking out the studio
– toilet


   monitor 27″
–  1X FATIF camera stand (h max=270cm) +3 axis head

– 3X monolights Profoto D2 500W
–  2X monolights Profoto D1 1000W

– 2X C-stand+ arm (h max 300cm)
– 1X Manfrotto 007B30 with wheels (max h. 325)
– 2X Manfrotto 007CSU (max.h. =325cm)
– 2X mini stands
– 2X manfrotto 1052BAC max h= 237cm
– 2X alluminium stands  max h=  255cm
– 2X boom arms + 2X pivot clamps

– 1X beauty dish white Profoto
– 2X softbox Profoto 3×4′ RF
– 2X stripbox 22x90cm
– 2X stripbox 160x35cm
– 1X circular parabolic softbox 120cm
– 1X octabox 150cm
– 2X umbrellas 180cm with diffuser
– 2X tripods + 1X 3-axis head

– translucent diffusion paper rolls
– 4X polyboards 300cmx100cm black/white
– various polyboards 100x60cm
– 1X  Profoto magnum reflector  con griglia
– 1X Profoto narrow beam reflector
– 1X Profoto  monolight grid 10°
– clamps and flexible arms
– 2X 7kg counterweights + 6X 7kg sand bags